REVIEWS: What Matters To You

I love reading books. I absolutely adore them.

I honestly believe books, just like friends, always have good points as well as the odd flaw or two. This doesn’t spoil my enjoyment of reading a new novel. I stick with it to the end, just like I would still ask my self-absorbed friend out for a coffee despite knowing she will only talk about her own life.

I also – very, very rarely, thankfully – trip over a book that annoys me so much there is simply no way, none at all, that we could ever have a cup of coffee together. If it were a friend, we would be sitting at the opposite ends of the room, facing away from each other, possibly scowling too.

As a reviewer, I try hard to see past my personal irritations and find that gem in each book, that goodness that deserves to be pointed out to the world at large. I only ever fell out with one, and you can see that review on my blog – it won’t be hard to find.

So, naturally, I would like to find out what you find the most important feature of a book to be. Take the poll below; the results will be posted immediately. If there is something important that I’ve missed, please leave me a comment and I shall do my best to make it matter.


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